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Quit Leaving Money on the Table... Get All the Campaigns, Resources, and Tools You Need to Find Online Leads and Turn them into Clients!

From: Chris Scott, President | The Paperless Agent

Subj: Ready to find leads online and turn those leads into clients...

If You Don't Have a System for Finding and Following-up with Online Leads, You're Leaving Money on the Table... 

When it comes to online marketing, there are a lot of dangerous misconceptions...

  • “They are a waste of time…”
  • “They don’t want to hear from me…”
  • “They’re never ready to act…”

But here's what we know about agents who don't get the results they want with online marketing: 

They lack the proper marketing system to generate leads, build relationships and turn those relationships into clients and deals.  

Why? Because if you're like most of agents, it feels impossible to start from a "blank slate"

When it comes to creating a system for generating and following-up with online leads, most agents get a serious case of writer's block. 

There's just so much to put in place and consider. 

First, you need to figure out how to find leads online, and there are a ton of options--Google, Facebook, Portal Sites....

...then, you need to create the campaigns that will actually start generating leads, whether that's running ads, sending emails, or something else. PLUS you need something of value to offer in exchange for someone's contact information... 

...THEN you need to follow-up with the leads you generate. Online leads come in at every stage of the buying and selling process, so you need to sort those ready to act now from those that are still in the early stages... 

...And you have to stay in touch with those not ready to buy or sell yet. Which means emails and information you can send them to build trust and confidence over time...

...And FINALLY you need to eventually convert those leads into actual listing appointments and buyer agreements. 

It's enough to make even the best marketers feel overwhelmed! And that's why we've done the hard work for you...

We've been in the exact same position, and it's take us years to develop the systems we use at our brokerage, GoodLife Realty. 

But we don't want you to go through the trouble of creating it from scratch and going through all the trial and error we did. 

And we DEFINITELY don't want you to miss out on tons of potential deals and sales because you don't have a system in place. 

So we took all the campaigns, resources, and tools that we've created over the years, and bundled them into the Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit. 

Now, normally these resources retail for $697... But we want to make you a special offer...  

Get the Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit FREE

 By Joining the Coaching Club Today

We've put together a special offer for everyone. When you join the Coaching Club for just $67 today, you'll get the Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit ($697 value) for free.  

The Coaching Club ($67/mo) provides you with the support, resources, and ongoing training you need to make the most of these marketing resources and really take your marketing expertise to the next level...

  • Two Training Sessions Each Month... Cover what's working now in everything from marketing to the latest technologies
  • The Coaching Club Archive... Gives you instant access to past training on marketing campaigns, technology, Facebook, copywriting, and a whole lot more!
  • Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns... Provide everything you need to reach out to your network and generate leads
  • Done-for-You Resources... Make implementing your training simple with scripts, emails, PDFs, checklists, and more
  • One-on-One Support... Get stuck? Schedule a one-on-one training call to work through your tough issues. 
  • Access to an Exclusive Community of Like Minded Professionals... Get ideas, share referrals, get answers to questions, and more!

BONUS: Digital Property Marketing Plan 

Once you get the listing appointment, you still need impress sellers in order to get a signed the listing agreement. That's why we're also going to give you our Digital Property Marketing Plan training ($697 value). 

Today, seller's want and expect you to do more than put a sign in the yard and put a home in the MLS. 

This plan shows you how to incorporate digital marketing and a wide range of other strategies into your marketing plan for every listing...

AND how to use it to win more listing appointments and attract more sellers. It includes... 

  • Digital Property Marketing Plan Template - Your 8-week marketing plan for all of your listings. This template contains 8-weeks worth of activities designed to put your listings in front of buyers and set you apart from the competition. 
  • 75-page, Digital Property Marketing Plan Field Guide - The field guide breaks down the property marketing plan into a step-by-step, easy to follow instructions so you can easily implement it in your business.
  • Video Instruction Modules - As you go through the field guide, we'll show exactly how to do the more technical tasks, like Facebook Advertising, through video instruction. You don't need to be a tech-wiz to execute this plan... just follow along with me on screen! 
  • Templates, slides, and more! - When we say done-for-you, we mean done-for-you. Get the emails you need to reach out to and work with sellers, the slides you need to talk about your new property marketing plan in your listing presentation, and a whole lot more! 

TODAY ONLY BONUS: Instant Online Identity Kit

If you act today, we'll also throw in the Instant Online Identity Kit ($597). When you start generating leads and putting your business out there with online marketing, people will start to research you online. 

And you need to make sure your online presence and reputation will give clients confidence and make them want to pick up the phone and call you. You'll get...

  • 30-day action plan- Get activities to do each day to overhaul your online identity. Once you've completed these activities, you just need to maintenance everything you set up and create!
  • Video Instruction Modules - Through 10 modules of video instruction, we walk you through setting up a web presence, how to make the most of LinkedIn, how to collect 5-star online ratings and reviews, how to make home search portals work for you, and a lot more!
  • Step-by-step Resources and Checklists - For the more technical stuff, you'll get step-by-step guides that will make setting up an About Me page, creating a Google My Business profile, and more easy! You'll have all the resources you need to look like a rock star online in no time.  

That's $1,991 Worth of Training And Resources For Just $67 when You Join the Coaching Club Today!

That's a 96% Savings!

✓ Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit ($697 Value)

✓ Digital Property Marketing Plan ($697 value)

✓ Instant Online Identity Kit ($597 value)

✓ The Paperless Agent Coaching Club ($67 / mo)

What's inside the Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit?  

Ad Templates and Checklists

Start running successful Facebook Ads with our done-for-you series of Ad Templates and Checklists. Features professional ad campaigns for Home Search, Home Valuation, Just Listed, Open House, Agent Branding, and more. 

First Responder Emails

These highly effective emails are to help you sort out who is ready to act now and who you need to keep in touch with until they're ready to act. Send these emails out to the four different kinds of leads you'll generate with the campaigns in this kit: sellers, buyers, expired listings, and FSBOs. 

Report Templates / Lead Magnets

Use our great-looking templates to capture buyer, seller, and expired listing leads, AND help turn interested leads into clients.

Email Follow-up Sequences 

Done-for-you emails that will help you stay in touch with your leads, build trust, establish your expertise and more ... So when leads are ready to buy or sell, they work with you! 

“I've followed Paperless Agent for years and have seen what implementing the strategies can do for an Agent- ie make more money!”

-Sonja Petrik, RE/MAX Realty Advantage

“Yes, love. I feel it's my security blanket to go to as I pursue a brand new career and I'm very excited. The videos are great and all the information on pdf's, etc... is very helpful as well. Keep up the good work..”

-Deana Kreher, Diane Turton, Realtors  

“For the most part I have always gotten 6% wages since entering in the real estate industry but found myself being more willing to take 5% rather than lose a listing. What I learn from the paperless agent far exceeded my expectation in working with the tools that both simplified my life but also made me standout to clients. It in the process it also gave me the confidence to ask for higher wages and now I consistently get 7%. I now even have the confidence to walk away when a seller does not see the value I bring. I have even experienced getting a call back from a seller that took the 5% guy 9 months earlier and agreeing to pay 7% for me to sell his home and because of the Facebook training I was able to get his house into escrow in 2 weeks. I continue to participate and recommend to new agents that the investment they make in the Paperless Agent will more than pay for itself provided they schedule the time every week to listen to the replays and be on the webinars.”

-John Diaz, URealtyTeam

This Is Your Chance to Get 3 Amazing Products for Just $67

This special bundle is designed to help you master Facebook marketing and make the most of those skills... And for a limited time you can get it for 96% off! 

Online Marketing Kickstarter Kit

Digital Property Marketing Plan

Instant Online Identity Kit

$1,991.00 $67.00

When you join Coaching Club today!

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