Your 2022 Real Estate Marketing Calendar For More Listings & Leads!

Get the marketing plan and campaigns you need for more leads, listings, and commissions! This marketing calendar will take you through the end of the year and take care of all your marketing needs for next.

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In this guide, we'll show you how to...

  • The “Monthly Campaigns for Listings On Demand” for getting all the new listings you need, every single month. These strategies are designed to help you stand out, look professional, get recognized, and effortlessly get listings fast
  • Perfect strategies for new and experienced agents to stand out in the minds of prospects, stay "Top-Of-Mind", WOW your sellers, grow your local presence, and look better than the competition
  • What tools (free and paid) to use for making sure you can stay in touch, communicate, and still provide value
  • Simple But Effective Social Media Strategies Turn all those likes, shares, and comments into listings. These strategies are perfect for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • And more!
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Hi, Chris here at The Paperless Agent!

We're here to help real estate agents and brokers (that's YOU) improve their careers through marketing and technology.

Through our real estate firm in Austin, TX, we developed a 5-step marketing system that churns out listings, leads, and referrals month after month.

And it's proven to work not just to work for us, but for our thousands of Marketing Club members who use our system and marketing materials monthly to grow their businesses.

Your Listing Presentation, and all the processes that surround it, is your chance to wow a seller, stand out from the competition, and if you're clever, spin-off more listing opportunities.

The templates and scripts in this guide come from Garry's decade of experience as a top listing agent in Austin, TX.

They're proven to get listings by ourselves and our members. Check them out, and put these templates to work for you!

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Your 2022 Real Estate Marketing Calendar For More Listings & Leads!