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Ready to Create a Powerful Online Identity that Gives Buyers and Sellers Confidence, Attracts New Business, and Gives You the Competitive Edge?

From: Chris Scott, President | The Paperless Agent

Subj: We want to make it as easy as possible for you to create a powerful online identity...

It’s no secret...

Long before new clients or referrals pick up the phone to call you, they research you online. 

That’s why we started off this week by asking you to Google yourself...

You need to know what a client's first impression of you is going to be. 

Now, after going through this process with our agents, we KNEW your experience would likely go one of two ways:

  • You saw no results, and wanted to know how to get some 
  • Or you saw a lot of results, and were a bit overwhelmed by the thought of managing them all 

Unless you’ve purposefully crafted an online identity, chances are clients are only seeing part of who you are and what you do. 

(And that’s if your results don’t deliver the entirely WRONG impression) 

Your Online Identity Is Complex 

There are a lot of moving parts. It's difficult to know what to focus on and where to apply your time and energy. 

That's why we created the Instant Online Identity Kit. 

After trial-and-error with our agents, we came up with a repeatable, 10-step process for creating an online identity that wins over clients.

We set a retail price of $597... But we want to make you a special offer...

Get the Instant Online Identity Kit FREE

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We've put together a special offer for everyone. When you join the Coaching Club for just $67 today, you'll get the Instant Online Identity Kit for free.  

The Coaching Club ($67/mo) provides you with the support, resources, and ongoing training you need to build on your online identity and take your business to the next level...

  • Two Training Sessions Each Month... Cover what's working now in everything from marketing to the latest technologies
  • The Coaching Club Archive... Gives you instant access to past training on marketing campaigns, technology, Facebook, copywriting, and a whole lot more!
  • Monthly Digital Marketing Campaigns... Provide everything you need to reach out to your network and generate leads
  • Done-for-You Resources... Make implementing your training simple with scripts, emails, PDFs, checklists, and more
  • One-on-One Support... Get stuck? Schedule a one-on-one training call to work through your tough issues. 
  • Access to an Exclusive Community of Like Minded Professionals... Get ideas, share referrals, get answers to questions, and more!

BONUS: Facebook Marketing for Real Estate 

We're also going to give you Facebook Marketing for Real Estate ($597 value). 

You'll learn how to promote your business and generate leads for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing using the world's most effective social media advertising platform.

You'll be able to take the Online Identity you create and make the most of it my promoting your business on the most wide-reaching social media site. 

TODAY ONLY BONUS: Digital Listing Presentation Power Pack

If you act today, we'll also throw in the Digital Listing Presentation Power Pack ($967). This program will help you communicate your competitive advantage and sign more listing agreements. You'll get...

  • Digital Listing Presentation Template - in editable Keynote and PowerPoint formats
  • Video Instructions - on how to customize your Digital Listing Presentation for your business and your individual customers
  • Slide-by-Slide Tutorial - on presenting the Digital Listing Presentation with sales techniques & marketing principles
  • 5-Step Listing Appointment - role play instructional videos to prepare you for the real-world usage of the Digital Listing Presentation
  • Swipe Away Seller Objections - dialogues in audio and PDF form to help you move past common objections and get the listing agreement signed
  • Tools to Get the Appointment - use these editable resources to convince your potential sellers to meet with you in the first place

That's $2,161 Worth of Training And Resources For Just $67 when You Join the Coaching Club Today!

That's a 96% Savings!

✓ The Instant Online Identity Kit ($597 Value)

✓ Facebook Marketing for Real Estate ($597 Value)

✓ Digital Listing Presentation Power Pack ($967 value)

✓ The Paperless Agent Coaching Club ($67 / mo)

Here's a Closer Look at the Instant Online Identity Kit 

Module 1: Mapping Out Your Online Identity

Yesterday, we shared training from this module, the Online Identity Map, and the process for fine-tuning your online identity. In Module 1, we’ll dive deeper into the map so you know everything that composes your online identity, the areas to focus on first, and more.

Module 2: Your Website and Your Online Identity 

Your website must accurately represent you and what you do. If your website is dated or doesn’t work, it can break trust with clients who see it. In this module, you’ll learn what clients want to see, the elements you need to have, and more! Don’t have a website? No problem! We show you how to create a quick mini-site and buy a domain. You’ll have a site you can use in no time.

Module 3: Upgrading your Online Bio 

Too often, people ignore the about me section of sites and social platforms and just throw something together. But clients will read those descriptions and snippets form them show in Google search results! This module includes a more in depth walkthrough of the bio writing process AND the 10 step bio-writing checklist. You’ll learn how to create a powerful narrative that tells potential clients who you are, what you do, and most importantly why they should work with you. 

Module 4: Social Media & Your Online Identity 

Many agents think they need to use EVERY new social media platform. They have a lot of accounts, but manage them all shallowly. A shallowly managed page can actually do more damage than if you had nothing! This section will help you narrow the scope of your social media efforts. You’ll learn the criteria for choosing social media platforms, exactly what you should and should not post, and more. 

Module 5: LinkedIn and Your Online Identity 

LinkedIn is more than an online resume; it’s a complete portfolio that can really showcase your competence, skills, and accomplishments. You’ll learn exactly how to use this platform to enhance your online identity by utilizing publishing, multimedia, and other tools. 

Module 6: Home Search Portals 

We go behind the scenes of how you actually go in and start fixing how you are represented in the search portals. Clients will go to these portals to look for homes, so you better make sure you’re represented accurately here. You’ll learn the process for setting up profiles that convert traffic into leads. 

Module 7: Google Reviews 

When people search from their mobile devices, Google often uses geo-targeting to show businesses nearby. Want to show up? You need a Google My Business page! You’ll learn exactly how to set one up so you can appear on search and how to start collecting reviews that make you stand out from everyone else. 

Module 8: Yelp Reviews

Have you used the iPhone Maps app to search for restaurants near you? It pulls much of its business information and reviews from Yelp. So if you want to show up on Maps searches, you need al Yelp profile! We’ll show you how to set one up and take advantage of the opportunity to collect reviews. 

Module 9: Online Articles & Content 

When it comes to writing and publishing content, many agents have a lot of questions. I’m not a writer… Should I hire someone? What should I write about? What’s going to show up in search results? You’ll get the answer to these questions and more. You’ll learn how to affordably hire someone to write for you, content that stands out, and how to use content to showcase your competence. 

Module 10: 30-day Challenge 

This is your 30-day action plan. We give you activities to do each day to launch your online identity. Once you’ve completed these activities, you just need to maintenance everything you set up and create! 

“I've followed Paperless Agent for years and have seen what implementing the strategies can do for an Agent- ie make more money!”

-Sonja Petrik, RE/MAX Realty Advantage

“Yes, love. I feel it's my security blanket to go to as I pursue a brand new career and I'm very excited. The videos are great and all the information on pdf's, etc... is very helpful as well. Keep up the good work..”

-Deana Kreher, Diane Turton, Realtors  

“For the most part I have always gotten 6% wages since entering in the real estate industry but found myself being more willing to take 5% rather than lose a listing. What I learn from the paperless agent far exceeded my expectation in working with the tools that both simplified my life but also made me standout to clients. It in the process it also gave me the confidence to ask for higher wages and now I consistently get 7%. I now even have the confidence to walk away when a seller does not see the value I bring. I have even experienced getting a call back from a seller that took the 5% guy 9 months earlier and agreeing to pay 7% for me to sell his home and because of the Facebook training I was able to get his house into escrow in 2 weeks. I continue to participate and recommend to new agents that the investment they make in the Paperless Agent will more than pay for itself provided they schedule the time every week to listen to the replays and be on the webinars.”

-John Diaz, URealtyTeam

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