February 22ND 2016

February Fan Giveaway: The Digital Networking and Online Identity Campaign

This month, we want to show our thanks to all of you. Whether you follow this blog, are a fan on Facebook, or subscribe to our email list, we appreciate your support.

But we didn’t want to give you just any old gift… We wanted to give you something that you can use to really kick off your marketing and lead generation strategies this month.

So we created a brand new, exclusive Digital Network and Online Identity Campaign for you to download and use. This is something we normally only do for our Coaching Club members, but this month we crafted, wrote, and designed a full campaign exclusively for our followers.

Here’s how it works: This is a simple (but powerful & effective) five-step campaign. Each day, we’ll give away another element of the campaign along with instructions on how best to use it. So over the course of the week, you’ll get…

Campaign Map

Here’s the map of the five-step Digital Network and Online Identity Campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.25.22 PM

Campaign Element #1: The Blog Post

To kick off this week, we’re giving away the first element of the campaign: The blog post. The blog post is designed to help you build up your online presence and identity.

Have you ever heard the saying “You can’t make a second first-impression?” Well, obviously. But what’s not so obvious is that more and more, clients’ first impression of us happens long before they pick up the phone to call us or meet us in person.

Today, most clients will research you online and form an impression based on your online identity, and that impression plays a big part in whether or not they choose to work with you. In fact, 51% of millennials will trust online reviews over people they know, and this practice is becoming more and more common.

It’s crucial to get your online identity in order, and that’s where the blog post comes in. You want your online identity to convey your competence, and providing useful, relevant information is one way to do that.

This blog post explains seasonality in real estate and how seasonality is affecting the current national housing numbers. From inventory to days on the market, this blog post breaks down how the season and latest numbers affect home buyers and sellers.

Download the Blog Post Now!

The instructions for this one are simple. Download the blog post and post it to your blog! We’ll focus on promoting your post and driving traffic to it later this week.

Campaign Element #2: The PDF Report & Cover Email

As part of this integrated digital campaign, you’re also going to send out an email to your network. The instructions for this phase of the campaign are simple: Download the Cover Email and PDF Report; customize the email how you wish; attach the PDF Report; and send!

The PDF is essentially a stylized version of the blog post. Study after study show that people view the information within a well designed PDF document to be of higher value than information that’s just on a web page. The images, layout, styling, and more all show that you spent a lot of time creating the document and care about it. When people perceive something as higher value, receiving it has a bigger impact and people are more likely to read it.

Sending this report to your network achieves a few crucial goals. First, you’re providing value to your network. You’re giving your past clients, friends, and family a reason to look forward to and open your emails. It’s an easy, effective way to stay on your network’s mind.

What’s more, you’re providing information that establishes you as an expert. This report analyses housing data and trends and breaks it all down to how they might affect someone looking to buy or sell a home. By providing that level of analysis and thought, you’re establishing yourself as an expert. The more clients receive reports like this one from you, the more you’ll become established as the “go-to” expert for all things real estate. You’re showcasing and establishing your professional competence.

Finally, it gives you a reason to reach out and call your network… but more on that tomorrow!

For now, download the PDF Report & Cover Email and send it out to your network!

Download the PDF Report & Cover Email Now!

Campaign Element #3: The Script for Calling Your Network

As we hinted at yesterday, the PDF Report also gives you a good reason to reach out and call your network.

Now, we know. For a lot of us, calling people you haven’t called in awhile is difficult and awkward, and we tend not to do it. However, this campaign will be much for effective (and you’ll get better results from your network overall) if you can occasionally call and check-in.

This script is designed to make it easy. It turns an awkward, “Hi! How’s it going? Just calling to check in…” to a meaningful conversation about the report, the content in it, and how you might be able to help.

More often than not, you’re probably going hit voicemail, and when you do you should go ahead and leave a voicemail. You just need to slightly tweak the script. Heres why: As you’ll see in the script, you’re calling people to remind them of the value you provide. You’re not just saying “let me know if you know someone looking to buy or sell a home.” Instead, you’re checking to see if they received the report you sent and if they have any questions. Your network will see the value in your voicemail, and will think, “You know, that was really thoughtful.”

So, after you’ve sent out the report, download the script and start calling! We recommend calling everyone in your database at least once a quarter. Hopefully, this script makes it a little easier to get over call reluctance (and your network will definitely appreciate it!)

Download the Script Now!

Campaign Element #4: Social Posts

Today we’re going to focus on getting exposure by promoting the blog post content from Monday.

First, we’ve included a Facebook post. With over one billion daily active users, Facebook provides an excellent platform reaching a large number of people. To make the most out of Facebook for your business, you should be posting valuable content to your Facebook business page regularly.

Simply copy the text provided in today’s download and paste it in a new post. We’ve also included an image for you to add to the post!

You also want to post to LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is heavily associated with your professional identity. When potential clients research you online, chances are high that they will look at your LinkedIn profile for proof of your business credentials: what type of work you do, who you are as a professional, etc.

To make sure you put your best foot forward online, post the article to your LinkedIn profile. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Sign into your LinkedIn profile
  2. Under your name, select “Publish a Post”
  3. Click “Add an Image to Bring Your Post to Life”
  4. Choose an image from the downloaded campaign
  5. Click “Open”
  6. In the space that says “Write Your Headline”, paste the headline of the article
  7. Highlight and copy the text of the article
  8. Paste the article into the space that says “Start Writing”
  9. Hit “Publish” at the top right corner of your screen

Download the Social Posts Now!

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