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Ready to Learn How to Use the World's Most Popular Social Media Site to Grow Your Real Estate Business?

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From: Chris Scott, President | The Paperless Agent

Subj: We want to help you become a Facebook Marketing master...

Where do you reach consumers? Where they are...

When it comes to marketing, one rule we say time and time again is “meet your prospects where they are,” and with 968 million users logging into Facebook daily, there’s a good chance both your existing and future clients are there. 

The question is: How do you reach them on Facebook? 

Many agents struggle to answer this question, and wasted valuable time and money trying to to figure it out. 

And even when you figure something out, Facebook can change quickly 

What makes success with Facebook especially hard is that Facebook is constantly evolving. 

Just a few years ago, Facebook was primarily a tool for connecting with people. 

Now, the Facebook Newsfeed is a source of media and information.

Fortunately, by using some smart strategies and Facebook’s advertising platform, you can use it to get in front of potential clients, expand your sphere of influence, and grow your real estate business businesses. 

That's why we created the Facebook Marketing for Real Estate training program. 

We go through the hard work of figuring out what works and what doesn’t in our brokerage, GoodLife Realty, so you don’t have to. 

In this 6-module course, we cover everything from how to set up your business page to how to run specific, proven campaigns. 

The retail price is $597... But we want to make you a special offer... 

Save 67% on Facebook Marketing for Real Estate This Weekend Only!

Facebook Marketing for Real Estate training course contains EVERYTHING you need to expand your influence, atract new clients, and grow your business using the most powerful social media platform available to agents...

When you take this course, you'll receive... 

  • Facebook Marketing Strategies... Learn how to use the world's most effective social advertising tool to find your ideal customer and turn them into clients.
  • Step-by-Step Video Tutorials and Instruction...Hours of video tutorials showing you how to setup your FB Business Page, how to run ad campaigns using FB's Power Editor Tool, and plenty of examples.
  • Facebook Ad Campaigns... Includes 8 marketing campaigns: Just Listed & Sold, Open House, Homeowners Likely to Move, Renters and more!
  • Advanced Facebook Tracking and Topics... How to turn Fans into Leads using FB's Marketing Lists: Custom & Lookalike Audiences, split testing, and others.
Save $400 on Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Until Sunday at 11:59p 

Save $400 on Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Until Sunday at 11:59pm ET

That's a 67% Savings!

Here's a Closer Look at Facebook Marketing for Real Estate 

Module 1: Facebook Marketing Strategies 

Over the last few years, Facebook has changed dramatically. Not too long ago, Facebook was primarily a tool for connecting socially. Now it’s much more of a media consumption and delivery platform.To be successful marketing on Facebook, you need to learn the new rules for marketing on Facebook, and this module breaks them down for you.

Module 2: Your Facebook Business Page 

To market on Facebook, you need a Facebook Business Page. We’ll show you exactly how to set one up. But what’s more, we’ll show you how to set it up the RIGHT way so it’s a reflection of the identity you want to have in your marketplace.

Module 3: What to Post on Facebook 

Posting the right material to your Facebook business page helps you establish authority, give your fans and followers confidence, build a powerful real estate brand, and so much more. In this module, you’ll learn what to post, how often, and more. Plus, we’ll show you a method for finding and curating content that only takes minutes a day!

Module 4: Building an Audience 

Once you’ve set up your business page and started posting content, you need people to actually see the great assets you’ve created. We show you how to get fans, free ways to build up your fan lists, simple campaigns you can use to get fans for your page. And once you have a fan list, it’s a powerful asset for your business that you can use to drum up future business!

Module 5: Facebook Ad Campaigns 

One of the most powerful modules in this entire program. In this module, we break down Facebook Ad campaigns we’ve tested and used in our brokerage, GoodLife Realty. You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to run a number of campaigns proven to generate results, including Just Listed, Open House, Seller and Buyer Lead Generation Campaigns, and more! With video, checklists, PDFs and more, we make running these campaigns easy. You’ll get specific examples of ads, the creative, the messaging, the images, the audience selection, and more. It’s as done-for-you as it gets!

Module 6: Advanced Tactics and Campaigns

Once you’re familiar with Facebook advertising, you can get into some advanced tactics in campaigns. Here we show you how to optimize campaigns using the Facebook Pixel, how to split-test ads to drive down yours costs, tips for improving ad performance, retargeting strategies, and more!

“I've followed Paperless Agent for years and have seen what implementing the strategies can do for an Agent- ie make more money!”

-Sonja Petrik, RE/MAX Realty Advantage

“Yes, love. I feel it's my security blanket to go to as I pursue a brand new career and I'm very excited. The videos are great and all the information on pdf's, etc... is very helpful as well. Keep up the good work..”

-Deana Kreher, Diane Turton, Realtors  

“For the most part I have always gotten 6% wages since entering in the real estate industry but found myself being more willing to take 5% rather than lose a listing. What I learn from the paperless agent far exceeded my expectation in working with the tools that both simplified my life but also made me standout to clients. It in the process it also gave me the confidence to ask for higher wages and now I consistently get 7%. I now even have the confidence to walk away when a seller does not see the value I bring. I have even experienced getting a call back from a seller that took the 5% guy 9 months earlier and agreeing to pay 7% for me to sell his home and because of the Facebook training I was able to get his house into escrow in 2 weeks. I continue to participate and recommend to new agents that the investment they make in the Paperless Agent will more than pay for itself provided they schedule the time every week to listen to the replays and be on the webinars.”

-John Diaz, URealtyTeam

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Learn How to Use the World's Most Popular Social Media Site to Grow Your Real Estate Business

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