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Announcing our latest innovation… the Real Estate Digital Marketer certification course!



Check out the consumer facing website at!

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  1. I love this idea. A clean cut course would really help me as I learn this process as a new agent!

  2. Couldn't have come at a better time - I'm in your coaching club and feel that I've received great instruction and information and am now looking for getting some more in-depth information and pulling everything together. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it and what the program entails for becoming certified.

    • Thanks Patti! We will keep you posted on when this exciting new training will be available... hint: keep an eye on your inbox at the start of the new year!

  3. This looks really interesting, I look forward to hearing more about becoming an REDM.
    Thanks for all the great work that you do.

  4. Are you hoping NAR will endorses this course and make it a new designation much like e-PRO, ABR, CRS, etc? Perhaps have it added to the existing e-PRO designation as in "e-PRO 2016". My 2 pennies from the great white north.
    Merry Christmas

    Mike Muranetz
    RE/MAX Real Estate
    Edmonton, Alberta

    • Mike, in prior experience, NAR will only endorse those certifications and designations it owns. With that said, we hope to create change in our industry so that more agents and brokers will seek out more effective and relevant ways in serving their customers. We'll keep our fingers crossed about getting industry support!

  5. This is outstanding. I've fully adopted the Marketing in the Digital Age Principles that I've learned from the PA. I was doing many of these things prior but been able to refine it to a point where it has become a differentiator for us. In our first full year as a team, my wife and I did over 10M in production and our company 13M which we're very proud of. We are performing at 99.26% of list price and 33 DOM for our company. Average in our marketplace is 97.79% and 50 DOM. When I discuss these statistics with potential listings clients we are killing it and beating out other brokerages. In fact, since we've fully refined our approach, we're now tracking over 100% on pretty much all of our listings. We are making raving fans for clients that are our own little army of marketers spreading our brand to their friends. I can't thank the PA, Chris and Garry enough. Thank you!

    • Todd, you guys are rocking it!
      Thanks for the support... we'll keep you posted as this new training is ready for everyone!

  6. Love the look and the interaction with the site.

    • Thank you Cher! This is just the first draft, so feel free to give us feedback as we continue to build the consumer facing site out for our REDMers.

  7. Filling the funnel for next year - let's do it!

  8. through what company do you give your accreditation ? or is it just credited at ' The Paperless Agent' ?

    • Alana, I would like to say this certification is accredited through the time tested experience at our own brokerage. All of the knowledge we share is based on real experience. Accrediation by NAR typically happens only in those training programs that NAR has a financial incentive in... but with that said, we've got our fingers crossed to get as much industry support as we can.

  9. I think this course and its application could help give a marketing edge to agents who understand the value.
    The benefit to Seller clients appears to be there. We just need to educate them!
    Thank you for your efforts!

  10. This something my wife, Vickie, and I would like to accomplish. We do these things now but the process is one of trial and error as well as "who has a good new idea?" It would be valuable to leverage your time and knowledge - we might even have something to contribute.

    • Ed, please stay tuned to this feed. The new Real Estate Digital Marketer course is going to give you our exact method for marketing listings that is time tested and continuously being improved to get best exposure to buyers and prospective sellers.

  11. I am an agent with Keller Williams and would like to register for this certification course. Please advise how to do this. My number is 7706764085

    • Hector, we can't wait for you to get certified! Stay tuned and we'll be in touch when REDM becomes available.

  12. Looks good. Let me know when I can sign up and become certified

    • Thanks Deb! Say hi to Will for me! (and have a great holiday season).

  13. I am interested! I am a believer in you guys and a fan of your stuff. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Alan, we appreciate your support and will keep you posted on when this becomes available!

  14. interested in, pls keep me updated on events and webinars, thks

  15. The site is looks great. On the REDM Advantage page, still showing the fake latin wording, but I assume that will be corrected. The words 'REDM Agent' are in the middle of the graphic and should be moved to the top to be seen. Outside of those items, the site has a good feel to it and is user friendly. Let's get this bad boy launched!

    • Mark, we are still working on the consumer facing site... keep the comments coming so we can build something awesome that will represent you well.

  16. Hi guys,

    I recently signed up for your paperless agent coaching and have been really impressed with quality and quantity of content that came along with it. This product looks great as well and I am excited to learn more about it. I am a new-ish agent who is still one foot into my old job. For 2016 I need to step up my marketing game. Everything I have done so far has been on the buyer side and this year I want to build a good, consistent listing inventory. I have run some FB marketing campaigns in the past but I am realizing I was probably marketing to way too large an audience. I am in Canada, so unfortunately some of the amazing targeting functionality of FB is not available here (income, net worth). Will this product be available to Canadians?


    • Stefan, this training definitely applies to our Canadian brothers and sisters. Thanks for your kind words about our programs... makes me excited to keep doing everything we do!

  17. Just visited the website, Red.Marketing. Really like the look of the site and the certification sounds awesome. I know this is something that I really need to do better at but really don't know where to start. This is going to be great and I am looking forward to it. I am sure it will be just as great as all the other wonderful information and training I have gotten so far from you both. Thanks for sharing all your hard work and knowledge.

  18. I'm excited and I want my team to be the first certified team in my STATE! We can't wait!!

  19. Hi,

    I went to & the website looks intriguing. Is the training going to be offered through the website? I like the idea that if your site is found by a prospective buyer, that they can search for a REDM Realtor. I've been a follower of your digital training through the Paperless Agent & I like that I can go to your library to refresh my skills or learn something new. Will REDM have a similar library? I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    Don Baker

    • Dan, REDM is going to be a comprehesive training course to give you the digital marketing skills to both represent your sellers unlike any other in the market AND promote your business. Garry and I just wrapped up filming this 2-day course and it will be like everything we do... thorough and comprehensive so you can implement it! Thanks!

  20. Small office that can't wait for each of my agents to take this course!

  21. Just another reason why I am a raving fan! Bravo!

  22. Sign me up sight unseen!

    • We'll be sending out a course preview video in the next week... keep an eye on your inbox!

  23. Lets get it started! How soon will it be available?

    • Janet, we'll send a few updates to everyone as we prep the course for unveiling... which will happen in the first part of January. Thanks for your support!

  24. Hello,

    Can you send me some more information on this?


    • Hi Jaimie! We’ll send a few updates to everyone as we prep the course for unveiling… which will happen in the first part of January. Thanks for your support!

  25. Leave it you two to knock it out of the park! On the edge of my seat waiting for the sign up email.

    • Thanks Clark! We appreciate your support and will keep you posted on when REDM is available.

  26. Looking forward to learning more from you all! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  27. Hey Guys - Sign me up! Hurry!! I'll beta for you as well.


  28. I am interested in the idea. As a newer realtor I am focusing on incorporating online marketing into my marketing strategy. I have been considering getting the ePro certification and am curious how they compare. Definitely will be looking more into it as it becomes active.

  29. Thanks for the teaser. Looking for the launch,

  30. Love the looks great. A great certification to present to your sellers.....cant wait to see the discount offered to all paperless agent members!!! (cant knock me for trying!)

  31. I look forward to being a Founding Member of REDM. This platform aligns with my 2016 Goals for incorporating cutting edge Apple infused technology and proven Social Media methodologies to showcase our business as the premiere digital real estate agents in the Mid-West.
    What I've incorporated thus far implementing the Paperless Agent methods has yielded favorable returns in our business and feel with confidence REDM will meet or surpass my expectations.
    Dante Fiore - C21 Scheetz

  32. Garry and Chris,
    I am looking forward to the course. Whatever you do is jammed full of great content, knowledge and making it easy for realtors like myself to set up in their business. Keep me posted on your beta testing as I would like to be a part of that. I am looking forward to the release of the course. Thanks for everything you produce. Derrick Radford 407-497-7949 [email protected]

  33. VERY INTERESTED! Please sign me up for BETA :)

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