Here’s an obvious question for you… Do you want to sell more homes next year? 

Of course you do! We all want to do better next year than we did the last 12 months.  

But the question is: What are you going to do differently? What steps are you going to take to sell more?

Your current production is the direct result of everything you did last year. All of the marketing, prospecting, listing appointments, phone calls… 

And sure, you could try to just do more of those things, but let’s get real… “Trying harder” or “doing more” just puts you on the fast track to burnout. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce the Agent Sales Accelerator Program (ASAP) by The Paperless Agent. 


Based on the strategies luxury agent and top producer Garry Wise has developed over his 20 years in real estate, ASAP is a step-by-step, 30-day program that gives you the exact activities, resources, and sales skills you need to ramp up your sales results NOW. 

ASAP was developed with a simple set of goals in mind:

 Provide both new and experienced agents with a step-by-step plan, resources, and sales training to increase your sales

Rapidly fill your pipeline with new opportunities and transform your sales results within 30 days.

 Steamline your processes and make business easier so you can spend more time doing the activities you enjoy. 

✔ Bring back the joy in selling real estate by having fun working with customers you like


ASAP is for any agent currently unhappy with your sales results that wants a simple, effective way to get more sales. 

This system has worked for both brand new agents and top producers. 

One of our agents left his job as a teacher to become a real estate agent. He had 0 experience in sales. By following the detailed steps in this plan, he went from 0 to 6.2 million in sales his very first year in real estate! 

On the other side, we worked with a real estate professional already producing 12 million in sales. BUT she was burning out, misisng time with family as she fought for new opportunities. 

By following ASAP, in just 10-weeks, she secured 10 new transcations that weren't already on the books! She went from 12 million to 24 million run rate with this system. 

So, are you ready for more sales? Then start the Agent Sales Accelerator Program today!

"It has been two short weeks and in that amount of time my business has already started to transform and grow. By following what I am being taught I have an additional 10 transactions that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and more on the way. The best part is I am learning systems so that my business and I can adjust to this growth so quickly.”"

Hillary Gaynor, Bean group real estate

get the Agent sales accelerator program (asap)

With ASAP, you get  a step-by-step, 30-day program that gives you the exact activities, resources, and sales skills you need to ramp up your sales results NOW. 

Accelerate Your Sales Today!


Garry wise &
Chris scott

The Agent Sales Accelerator Program is brought to you by The Paperless Agent's Chris Scott and Garry Wise. 

Garry has been in the real estate industry since 1974. It is really all he has ever known, in one fashion or another. Sure, he has been a firefighter, an EMT, and the CEO of The Paperless Agent in Austin (servicing the real estate industry), but these were always true to his roots of real estate. Saving homes, people’s lives, and helping Realtors improve on their service have all been critical to his real estate experience and the shaping of the uniqueness that is Garry.

Chris has more than a decade of experience in marketing, specifically in the real estate space. Working with such giants as Brian Buffini and the Certified Distressed Property Institute (CDPE) designation, Chris' now applies his marketing prowess and expertise to help our brokerage, GoodLife Realty, in Austin, TX and to keeping The Paperless Agent's Coaching Club members up-to-date on what works and what doesn't for marketing in real estate!

What are people saying about The paperless agent?

"I am looking forward to the course. Whatever you do is jammed full of great content, knowledge and making it easy for realtors like myself to set up in their business. Keep me posted on your beta testing as I would like to be a part of that. I am looking forward to the release of the course. Thanks for everything you produce."

— Derrick, a Student of Eli's, a Paperless agent coaching club member

Here's what you'll get and what you'll learn during the Agent sales accelerator program

What is Asap?

Garry and Chris breakdown EXACTLY what you can expect from this program!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is asap for?
​ASAP is for any agent currently unhappy with your sales results that wants a simple, effective way to get more sales. 

Whether your a brand new agent or a top-producer, this program is proven to help you generate more sales. Plus, you'll streamline your systems, free up your time, and make real estate fun again while you're at it!

Q: What can i expect? 
You're going to receive a 30-day plan of activities designed to generate you sales, plus the sales training, resources, and tools you need to execute those activities. You're going to get...

✔  A step-by-step plan to build a pipeline of opportunities and increase your sales
✔ The tools & resources you need to implement your entire sales plan (it's truly plug-and-play!)
✔ Sales training and scripts to turn opportunities into clients & referrals
✔ And the done-for-you marketing & advertising to implement your plan

Q: What does the course content look like? What will I accomplish?
Here's an inside look at the course:
Step 0: Prepare to accelerate your sales 
Day 1: Confirm or select your CRM
Day 2: Master these CRM tasks
Day 3: Set goals & a plan using the Good Business Planner
Day 4: Sales Skill Development - Setting selling moods

Step 1: Your Database, Your Sales Foundation
Day 5: Calculating Lifetime Value
Day 6: Import ALL contacts into your CRM
Day 7: Strategies and sources of business
Day 8: Sales Skill Development - Active Listening

Step 2 - Database Optimization
Day 9: Categorize & update your contacts 
Day 10: Send out Home Anniversary Messages
Day 11: Update your LinkedIn account
Day 12: Friend and follow on social
Day 13: Sales skill development - asking better questions

Step 3 - Marketing for Conversations
Day 14: Campaign Review & Preparation
Day 15: Run campaign on Facebook
Day 16: Email newsletter to database
Day 17: Sales Skill Development - Designing offers of help

Step 4: Start your outreach program
Day 18: Update your calendar
Day 19-23: Contact 30% of your database (use scripts included); Schedule outreach for next month

Step 5: Rock-solid Online Reputation
Day 24: Review your online reputation
Day 25: Setup Google My Business
Day 26: Claim your Yelp account
Day 27: Request Online Reviews

Step 6: The Five Fiftyfive Program
Day 28: Find the gaps in your database
Day 29: Schedule 5 meetings with professionals
Day 30: Find one meetup or networking event

Step 7: Relational Lead Campaigns
Bonus: Rewards Program
Bonus: The Monthly Contest
Bonus: Lead gen campaigns, including expired, FSBO, Facebook, and more.

q: What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us anytime within the first 30-days and we'll issue you a full refund!

This is outstanding. I’ve fully adopted the Marketing in the Digital Age Principles that I’ve learned from the PA. I was doing many of these things prior but been able to refine it to a point where it has become a differentiator for us. In our first full year as a team, my wife and I did over 10M in production and our company 13M which we’re very proud of. We are performing at 99.26% of list price and 33 DOM for our company. Average in our marketplace is 97.79% and 50 DOM.

When I discuss these statistics with potential listings clients we are killing it and beating out other brokerages. In fact, since we’ve fully refined our approach, we’re now tracking over 100% on pretty much all of our listings. We are making raving fans for clients that are our own little army of marketers spreading our brand to their friends. I can’t thank the PA, Chris and Garry enough. Thank you!

Todd, a Paperless Agent coaching club member

get the Agent sales accelerator program (asap)

With ASAP, you get  a step-by-step, 30-day program that gives you the exact activities, resources, and sales skills you need to ramp up your sales results NOW.  

Accelerate Your Sales Today!